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Press kit

All material below is written/made to be used for both presentation and press kit purposes. You are free to use any copy as your own, or adapt to your purposes. I was never much of a wordsmith so I won’t take it personally. here.

The app

StorkUI is an app that aims to help you streamline your app making game even more. Over time, I will be adding various views designed with precision in mind and with modern styles that are currently used throughout the industry. Name of the game is "SIMPLE".

Clean, simple views that can be used in any app without too much fuss. Just copy the code and be on your merry way :)

This does mean that some cleanup is needed afterward. You might wanna separate some colors or paddings into Constants file or similar, maybe even split one view into two separate modules? It is really u to you and your programming style. I hope that the initial view you get from the app is enough to get the creative juices flowin', and make your app shine even more.



Hi! I am Emin Grbo, a UX designer turned iOS developer, but mostly a human being with a passion for design. Some call me pixel-whisperer (myself mostly), others call me “oh, that guy”. I love creating... anything basically, and hope that things I make would struck other peoples’ fancy too. You can reach me via my Twitter